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We make all our processes as simple as possible
giving you peace of mind


Get a quote

The first step is to get in contact with us by filling out the enquiry form above, sending us an email with your project details or simply by calling us and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

We require a set of architectural plans for your new project, but if you don’t have this yet we will be happy to recommend a reputable local architect and point you in the right direction. After we have reviewed your details, we will send you a free quotation outlining the scope of our services.


We make all our processes as simple as possible
giving you peace of mind


Site inspection visit

Following acceptance of our quote we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to carry out an initial site visit.

The purpose of the site visit is to discuss your requirements in person as well as carrying out a visual survey of the property to assess load paths and site parameters related to the design whilst reviewing the architectural plans.


We make all our processes as simple as possible
giving you peace of mind

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Detailed design stage

Once this survey has been completed, we will begin our detailed design phase. For each project we produce a set of structural plans, calculations and details that will include all relevant aspects of the proposed project.

During this stage we will liaise with the architect and project team as necessary and develop any specific design requirements suitable for the project.

Upon completion of this stage you will have a full set of plans and calculations that can be submitted to building control to gain approval for your proposed works.

Should you only require our services for a survey report, we will issue you with a written document


We make all our processes as simple as possible
giving you peace of mind


Ongoing support until project completion

Finally, once a building contractor has been appointed to carry out the construction of the project, we will be on hand to answer any technical queries and provide site support, as required, seeing you through to the completion of your project.


We make all our processes as simple as
possible giving you peace of mind

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Case studies

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Brondesbury Park, London, NW10

Domestic loft conversion.

View Project
Brent, London, NW10

Domestic ground floor side extension to outrigger of a terrace house.


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Acton London, W3

Domestic conversion and extension.

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Acton, Ealing, London, W3

Domestic conversion, extension and loft conversion.

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With over 3000 successfully completed projects to date, we have consistently proven ourselves to be a leader in the industry. From design cross check procedures to quality control measures, we will ensure your project is completed to your exact specifications.

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Cracks in walls, ceilings and floors are caused by several different reasons. Depending on the size, exact location and frequency of the cracks, the risks associated can vary substantially. Subsidence or movement of foundations can often cause cracking and structural damage to the building above. There are often a variety of causes for these movements and the investigation and remediation can vary based on the cause and associated risk.
This will depend on many design factors and parameters and there is definitely no one set answer. For example a solution to reduce beam weight might be done by choosing two lighter beams instead of one beam or by changing architectural layout and inserting a column somewhere along the span of the beam or by changing the structural layout of the beams, etc. The options can be endless so best to discuss specific requirement with the project engineer with open mind that each project is different and solutions can vary from project to another.
Yes, we are qualified structural & civil engineers with UK experience.
Yes, we have a list of reputable building contractors and could potentially make a recommendation for your specific project.
Yes, we carry professional indemnity insurance with a limit of £2m, which covers our advice, designs, calculations and reports.