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We are a leading firm of highly experienced and exceptionally skilled Structural Engineers London offering a wide range of Structural Engineering services such as commercial and residential loft conversions extensions, Structural Surveys & reports, and, Calculations And Drawings to name a few.


It has become quite evident that from the past couple of decades Structural Engineers London services have been making a huge impact on design and construction industry. From small scale design businesses to large construction organisations, designing and building creative and innovative structures is undeniably one of the biggest aspects of the building industry that could make or break reputation of any company.


We can provide you the best and highly experienced Structural Engineers London to deliver you astonishing results time and again. Outstanding combination of knowledge, creativity and skills make our structural engineers best in the industry for any type of engineering services such as Drawings and calculations, internal alterations or for an entirely New Build.


With decades of experience in Structural Engineering industry, our company’s ethical value system and commitment to excel in everything we do continue to unite us and drive us. We exactly understand that our work makes a significant impact on the daily lives of people, as well as on future generations. That’s why; with the help of our exceptional Structural Engineers London services, we make sure to provide sustainability and success to all our projects. We accomplish this by strategically utilising our collective power and vast experience of our outstanding organisation, creating multidisciplinary teams, utilising their experience and skills and by devising cutting-edge technical solutions.


We take great pride in the fact that our Structural Engineering services are among the most trustworthy and reputable services in London. We bring exceptional and uniquely-talented individuals together from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and we encourage them not to just give their best, but also to look beyond the limits of their own specialities. No wonder, we get the highest number of repeat clients in London, and most of our new clients come to us through word-of-mouth publicity. We possess an extensive experience in every type of construction material, architectural components and structural systems.


We provide you the most excellent Structural Engineers London services to deliver you practical and best solutions for all types of building needs in London. We believe in consistently delivering innovative, realistic and technically advanced solutions to cater to all type of architectural, material and structural needs for new or existing structures.


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Before you can start construction or alteration to a building of any kind, you will need to have a detailed planning and design first.  For project plans to be effective and legal, structural calculations approved by British Standards should be realised.


Any changes you’re planning to make to your loft, even the littlest ones, require the approval of Building Control.  In order to do this, you’ll need to submit accurate beam calculations with your building regulations application.  These calculations come along with illustrations and diagrams that match exactly the structure you’re planning to alter. 


Beam calculations should also indicate the exact specifications of the load they are supporting (uniformly distributed, partial uniformly distributed, point load, etc.), the exact measurements, and they should completely connect with the presented illustrations.  For this to work, and to avoid rejection of your application, structural calculations should only be made by highly-qualified professionals who know what they are doing.  The service of an engineer is entirely recommended since his or her name should be appeared along with the calculations and included with the application in the event that clarifications should be made.


Why Is It So Important?


Structural and Beam Calculations are given such importance since without a correct and honest report the success of the conversion, the safety of the building’s residents, and the workerswould be compromised.  It is crucial to be able to predict and to justify if the plan you have will work given the details.  The capacity, the limits, and other factors are provided in these structural calculations, serving as a guide for builders and a reference for the Building Control regulators.


Because of this, structural calculations should be made only by competent individuals since clarity and accuracy are the things that should be given the highest priority.  By doing this, you can save not just time, money, and effort, but also people’s lives.


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