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A Guide to Conducting a Full House Survey

A Structural Survey is a comprehensive examination of the condition of a house or other property. It reports on the general structural condition of the visible load-bearing elements such as roof structure, floors, and load-bearing walls of the property….


What is a structural engineer, and what do they do?

If you’ve ever wondered why buildings don’t collapse under their own weight, give structural engineers the credit. A structural engineer plays a key role when you’re building an extension or planning a major home renovation….


What is a party wall agreement?

In construction terminology, a ‘party wall’ is a wall, outbuilding, or boundary you share with a neighbour. Party wall agreements are formal legal arrangements made between you and a neighbour…..


Can my neighbour stop me from building an extension?

As the poet once said, good fences make good neighbours. But sometimes people just don’t get on. Living near others can create envy, and conflicts over small things can spill over…..


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I needed advice regarding a structural issue at one of our properties and Structures Made Easy were very honest, insightful and easy to work with. At time they went above and beyond my expectations, I would definitely recommend them.

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As a contractor I am using the company Structures Made Easy Ltd. Since first I used them, they have been delivering on time and coming with the most appropriate solutions, very professional and capable to design in the best way to reduce cost on material and execution. Highly recommended.

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