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Cracks in the walls could be a sign of subsidence or movement of foundations…

It is always strongly recommended to carry out a structural engineers survey.

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  •         Plan to buy, sell or structurally alter a property?
  •         Unsure about the condition or have specific concerns?


Structural Engineers Kingston Upon Thames can play a vital role, from:

Building an Extension, planning a Major Home Renovation to dealing with a Party Wall

A structural engineer can also provide crucial support in a property-related legal proceeding.


A Structural engineer is responsible for:

  •         Assessing the stability of a property affected by subsidence, fire, flooding or explosion
  •         Repair, conversion and extension of residential and commercial buildings.
  •         Designing and constructing buildings and structures.
  •         Improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.


A Structural engineer is qualified to recommend the required remedial action.


Structural Engineer survey approval by local building control officer

Any planned works that will alter the basic structure of a property and affect its structural stability requires approval from the local building control officer. Their consent will be based on the technical information only a structural engineer can provide.

Under Building Control Approved Document Part A, the structural engineers survey is a legal requirement. Design standards and guidance for the structural stability and safety of all buildings are set out including the structural integrity of other buildings likely to be affected.


Our experienced structural engineers Kingston Upon Thames will 

Carry out a full structural engineering inspection.

Supply structural drawings, load bearing assessments and calculations                                                                          – includes General Arrangement plans in 2D CAD.


A detailed structural survey report is supplied, providing:

ALL the information and recommendations needed to satisfy almost any type of building works, for both residential and commercial properties, as required by:

  •         Mortgage lenders
  •         Property owners
  •         Homeowners
  •         Property developers


The  general structural inspection by qualified structural engineers – to identify any potential issues or defects – will include the interior, exterior, visible and accessible parts of a building.

We will highlight where elements of a property may be considered partially or fully unsafe, based on a visual inspection of a particular area of concern.


Structural engineers look for these common property defects:

  •         Subsidence or movement of foundations, such as tree roots penetrating weaknesses in foundations
  •         Cracks in walls, ceilings and floors
  •         Hairline cracks in a new ceiling below a timber roof
  •         Larger vertical cracking to a masonry gable wall


 Our engineer’s surveying services in Kingston Upon Thames provide, but not limited to:

  •         A full building survey report to satisfy most requirements including, mortgage lenders.
  •         Site inspection, usually a visual survey unless advised otherwise.
  •         Verbal advice and discussion of the building survey during site visit.
  •         Written report by a chartered or near chartered engineer.
  •         Email and phone support for queries related to the technical report.


Our engineer’s structural reports in Kingston Upon Thames are based upon an assessment of both internal and external issues, such as:

  •         Chimney breast integrity
  •         Roof integrity
  •         Wall and floor evenness
  •         Ceiling cracks
  •         External walls and brickwork – cracks or signs of subsidence
  •         Distorted windows or doors
  •         Drainage from the property
  •         Other issues affecting structural integrity


Loft Conversion

If your property in Kingston Upon Thames falls within the strict guidelines of a conservation area you could still convert the existing usable space without extending beyond the existing roof area.


Assessment of a previous loft conversion can sometimes uncover issues including:

  •         Insufficient structural elements such undersized timbers floor joists or steel beams
  •         Incorrect structural arrangement that do not comply with building regulations
  •         Deflection in roof rafters or purlins or attic joists
  •         infringement on party walls
  •         Chimney breasts left with little or no support
  •         Incomplete firewalls
  •         Signs of woodworm or other forms of infestation
  •         Visible electrical wiring defects
  •         Cold-water storage tank issue
  •         Inadequate insulation
  •         Loft ladder not fitted


Property Extensions

Careful planning is required when planning an extension to your property.   

Minimum requirements for obtaining Building Regulations approval includes:

  • Structural Integrity 
  • Fire Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Damp Proofing
  • Ventilation


Types of extensions to a property requiring Building Regulations approval include:                                                                                        

  • Loft conversions  & house extensions
  • Internal structural alterations, such as removing a wall or a chimney breast.
  • Installation of baths, showers or WCs which involve new drainage or waste plumbing
  • Installation of new heating appliances
  • New chimneys or flues
  • Altered openings for new windows


A thorough and detailed risk assessment must be carried out with a full structural survey including a clearly laid out sequence and method of construction & temporary works.


Structural Engineering Inspections Kingston Upon Thames – Home Buyer

Detailed, impartial information provided by our structural engineers can be crucial to help you finally decide whether to purchase a property. Key information relating to any major or minor repair work required can be used to renegotiate the final price. Alternatively, the seller might be asked to fix the issues before the sale is completed.


Structural Engineering Inspections Kingston Upon Thames – Home Seller

Prospective buyers are almost certain to be put off by known or visible structural defects, particularly longstanding issues such as, damp, or subsidence, which can seriously affect the value of your home and ability to sell.

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