Cracking due to neighbours construction work


If construction work is underway on the property beside your hole or property then it can be a disturbing time for many reasons.

This can be particularly so if cracking begins to occur in your property or you have noticed existing cracks may have widened or got longer.  

If these cracks are causing you concern then you will need advice from a structural engineer, such as Structures-Made-Easy. Other professionals in the construction industry such as surveyors, builders or architects may give initial guidance or recognition of structural matters but reliable specialist advice can only come from a structural engineer.

Cracking may be a result of either or both the temporary or permanent effects of the works next door.   For the temporary effects, this means their activities during the construction process may be causing distress and cracking on your property.  Permanent effects, by contrast, are due to the behaviour of your building under the influence of the long term effects of their construction work.

Before and during the construction works, the neighbour’s structural engineer and contractor should make every effort to minimise any effect the works will have on the structure of adjacent properties.  For the engineer, they will have designed for the permanent, long term condition whilst the contractor will be responsible during the course of the construction work.  Despite this, some unwanted impact may occur in the form of cracking or movement in adjacent properties.  If these occur, you have a right under the Party Wall act that there should be no ill effects to your property due to the works undertaken by others beyond your property.

If you have experienced cracking in your home and suspect it may be due to such works under a neighbour’s home, then we can help.  As a leading company in this field, Structures-Made-Easy have a wealth of experience of buildings from Tudor to modern day, and are the expert specialists who can give reliable guidance on any structural concerns you may have with your home or property.  

Structures-Made-Easy would visit your property to inspect the cracking or signs of structural distress.  We would then also inspect the neighbour’s property, including gaining an understanding of their construction techniques.  Using our familiarity and experience of such construction types we would produce our report defining the cause of the cracking and suggesting options for remedial works or addressing the cause.

Often a structural problem may be localised in the property and you may wish Structures-Made-Easy only need to report only on that issue.  Alternatively, we can investigate the structure of the entire property.

If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact us using our email or call us on 0207 965 7376

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