What is structural movement

The structure of a home or property is the elements that keep the floors and roofs supported, the overall walls and building rigid and how it gets support from the ground beneath.


The structure of a home or property is the elements that keep the floors and roofs supported, the overall walls and building rigid and how it gets support from the ground beneath.

All of these elements of the structure, from foundations to the rafters of the roof, have certain rigidity such that these elements flex, bend or compress under the weight of the building, the occupation of the building or the wind.  All buildings move during the course of their life, from the initial construction then throughout their life.

Structural engineers, such as Structures-Made-Easy, design these elements to suit their rigidity and purpose in the building and we design to limit the movement of the element to within limits that will not cause cracking.  Historically, though, builders and structural engineers were not always as rigorous as we are today so parts of the structure of your home or property might be moving more than is acceptable.  

This is structural movement and examples might include a landing that is sloping more than it should, or a foundation settling enough to cause cracking in a wall or the door no longer opening or closing as easily as it once did.  There are many different forms of this movement and also many different causes.  

Cracking is by no means always due to structural movement but instead may be due to perhaps the effects of weather on an exposed wall or drying out of old plasterwork from central heating or just the edge of a poorly installed sheet of plasterboard.

Determining whether a crack is due to structural movement is where Structures-Made-Easy can help.  As structural engineers with a wealth of experience of buildings from Tudor to modern day, we are the expert specialists who can give reliable guidance on the structural issues.  Other professionals in the construction industry such as surveyors, builders or architects may give initial guidance or recognition of structural matters but reliable specialist advice can only come from a structural engineer.

We will visit the property to gather evidence on the building and investigate the highlighted issue.  We will then produce a detailed written report describing the issue, how severe any problems may be and giving options for how the problems could be repaired and the root cause addressed.  

If you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact us using our email support@structures-made-easy.co.uk or call us on 0207 965 7376

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