What is the difference between level 1 or level 2 or level 3 survey to a structural report?


What is the difference between level 1 or level 2 or level 3 survey to a structural report?

The difference between levels 1, 2 and 3 of a homebuyers report is the level of detail and scope of their investigation.  A Level 1 survey is the most limited in scope and detail and level 3 is the broadest scope and gives more detail of the elements covered.  You or your lender will typically decide together the level of your homebuyers report to suit the property you are considering buying.

A level 3 survey covers the most topics and goes into more detail on those topics, but it will still not be able to address any structural issues in any useful way. The surveyor who carries out the homebuyers survey will have experience of a broad range of building matters but will not have detailed technical knowledge of any of them. They can only highlight areas where their limited knowledge suggests problems may be present then recommend more specialist advice is obtained.  A surveyor can’t  provide informed comment on structural issues, no matter how detailed their investigation or report.  For structural matters, that specialist advice can only come from a structural survey or report by a structural engineer who has detailed technical knowledge of the structure.

An example might be that a level 3 homebuyers report describes in detail some cracking in the walls of a extension, and their concerns that these may be due to subsidence.  Due to this concern, the report recommends getting advice on this cracking from a structural engineer.  A structural engineer would then visit the house and carry out an independent assessment of the structure of the house only, with particular reference to the cracking.  Our report would describe the cracking and structure of the property in greater and more informed detail then also explain the causes of the cracking .  We would also describe how the situation is best remedied.

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