Party Walls Matters

Whether you are building a wall up to or astride the boundary with a neighbouring property, undertaking work to an existing wall or excavating near a neighbouring building, your works may fall under the regulations of the Party Wall Act 1996.


We provide services suitable for proposed construction works for you
or your neighbouring property.

In addition to reviewing all the proposed plans and structural works, we undertake site visits in advance, during and after construction to undertake a photographic and written schedule of condition report. If required, we can put in place an agreement for the contractor’s working hours and agree processes for mitigation of noise, dust and waste, etc.

Once all matters are agreed upon we will finalise a legally binding document to protect the adjoining owner’s property against damage, known as the Party Wall Award / Agreement.


Our packages include the following (but not limited to):-

  • Building owners’ / adjacent owners’ party wall surveying services
  • Structural assessment of proposed works for neighbouring properties
  • Monitoring
  • Schedule of condition
  • Full house surveys
  • Boundary dispute services

Please note that your project may not require all the items listed above or may require more than what is listed above so best to contact us to obtain a quote specific to your needs

We make all our processes as simple as
possible giving you peace of mind

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