Brentford Middlesex Hounslow TW8


Brentford 01 Middlesex Hounslow TW8

Project Overview:

The project involved the creation of a single-storey side extension and internal ground floor modifications. The existing house fabric primarily comprised external and internal masonry load-bearing walls with suspended timber floors. Given the nature of the alterations, the removal of load-bearing walls necessitated careful structural considerations, leading to the implementation of innovative solutions such as steel beams and columns. This ensured the redistribution of loads onto new foundations, enhancing structural integrity and accommodating architectural intent.


To address the structural requirements of the project, steel beams were meticulously designed to support the load-bearing walls, especially in areas with high loads. In instances where the loads were particularly significant, steel columns were introduced to distribute the weight onto new foundations, bypassing the reliance on the original brickwork. Notably, to align with the architectural vision, some steel columns were specified to be round in shape, necessitating the use of circular hollow sections.

In addition to load-bearing considerations, maintaining lateral stability and rigidity was paramount. To achieve this, a steel ‘GOAL POST’ system was strategically employed at the original location of the back wall of the property, where the majority of the load was concentrated from the structure above. This system effectively maintained stability while allowing for the removal of load-bearing walls and the creation of open-plan living spaces.

The roof glazing system over the extension required specialised support to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. A proprietary support system was installed around the steel beams beneath the first-floor flank wall and the newly formed side extension wall, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Traditional strip foundations were utilised to provide a stable base for the structural elements above. However, due to the proximity of property boundary lines, some foundations had to be eccentric in nature to avoid encroaching on neighboring land. This careful planning and execution ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and minimised potential conflicts with neighboring properties.


The project demonstrates a meticulous approach to structural engineering, integrating innovative solutions with architectural vision to achieve the desired outcomes. Through the strategic use of steel beams, columns, and support systems, the project successfully realised the single-storey side extension and internal modifications while maintaining structural integrity and stability. The utilisation of traditional strip foundations, coupled with careful planning of foundation placement, ensured compliance with regulatory standards and minimised impact on neighboring properties. Overall, the project exemplifies a harmonious blend of structural engineering expertise


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