Camberwell Southwark South East London SE5


Camberwell 01 Southwark South East London SE5

Project Overview:

The project embarked on a significant transformation, involving the removal of load-bearing internal and external walls at ground floor level to create an expansive open-plan space. Additionally, a single-storey side extension was created, amplifying the spatial potential of the property. Central to the project’s success was the strategic use of steel beams to support the structure above ground level, while traditional construction methods were employed for the side extension, marrying modern innovation with time-tested techniques.

Structural Strategy:

The structural strategy hinged on the strategic implementation of steel beams to support the structure above ground floor level, ensuring stability and structural integrity. Traditional construction methods were adopted for the side extension, complementing the existing architectural aesthetic. A notable challenge emerged with the removal of the internal ‘spine wall,’ necessitating the reintroduction of lateral stability and careful consideration of vertical support to accommodate the weight of the structure above. This challenge was addressed through the use of a steel ‘BOX FRAME’ solution, which provided both lateral stability and sufficient vertical support without overloading the party walls.

Removal of Load-Bearing Walls and Chimney Breasts:

Further complexities arose with the removal of additional load-bearing walls and chimney breasts. Steel beam support was strategically introduced to address these alterations, ensuring structural stability and distributing loads effectively. This approach not only facilitated the creation of an open-plan layout but also preserved the integrity of the existing structure.

Integration of Glazing System:

The integration of a glazing system posed its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of structural support and aesthetic cohesion. The glazing system was seamlessly supported within the proposed roof structure, with steel supports cleverly concealed within the fabric of the roof. This meticulous integration ensured a uniform shape across both internal and external finishes, enhancing both the structural integrity and visual appeal of the space.

Extension Construction:

The construction of the new extension and the insertion of steel columns were executed using traditional strip foundations on solid ground bearing strata, ensuring structural stability and longevity. This approach combined the reliability of traditional methods with the innovation of modern construction techniques, resulting in a harmonious blend of old and new.


In conclusion, the project exemplifies the successful fusion of structural innovation and traditional craftsmanship. Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, the removal of load-bearing walls, introduction of steel supports, and creation of a new extension were achieved seamlessly,


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