Ealing West London W5


Ealing 01 West London W5

Project Overview:

The project focused on the internal remodelling of the existing layout of the property to create a modern living space with enhanced architectural appeal. The property had undergone significant alterations in the past, resulting in unconventional structural arrangement not typical of a Victorian house. To mitigate risks and ensure a well-controlled structural strategy, extensive exploratory works were conducted to uncover hidden structures behind the finishes. This proactive approach aimed to eliminate assumptions and minimise the risk of unforeseen challenges during construction.

Exploratory Works and Risk Mitigation:

Given the complexity of the existing structural arrangement, exploratory works were essential to uncover hidden elements and assess their condition. By gaining a detailed understanding of the structural fabric, the project team was able to mitigate risks and develop a comprehensive structural strategy. This approach not only reduced the likelihood of encountering unforeseen challenges during construction but also facilitated high-value engineering and maximized collaboration with the architectural design team.

Salvaging and Reusing Existing Structural Elements:

A key aspect of the structural strategy involved carrying out capacity checks on existing members, such as steel beams and columns, and utilising them to support new proposed members. This innovative approach enabled a significant number of existing structural elements to be salvaged and repurposed for the new layout. By leveraging the strength and integrity of these elements, the project achieved both structural stability and sustainability, minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact of the renovation.

Benefits of Detailed Engineering:

Detailed engineering played a crucial role in optimising the structural design and minimising the need for temporary works employed by the main building contractor during construction. By analysing existing structural elements and incorporating them into the new design, the project minimised disruption to the finishes and overall structure of the house. This approach not only streamlined the construction process but also contributed to cost savings and enhanced the overall quality of the finished space.


In conclusion, the project exemplifies the importance of proactive risk mitigation and detailed engineering in the successful renovation of a property. By conducting extensive exploratory works and salvaging existing structural elements, the project achieved a modern living space with enhanced architectural appeal while minimising disruption and waste. The collaborative approach between the engineering and architectural design teams facilitated the realisation of the client’s vision while ensuring structural integrity and sustainability. Overall, the project serves as a testament to the benefits of thorough planning, strategic collaboration, and innovative engineering solutions in achieving exceptional outcomes in renovation projects.


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