Domestic refurbishment with internal alterations, extension and loft conversion to a semi-detached house


East Sheen 02 Richmond upon Thames South West London SW14

Brief and Project Type 

Domestic property conversion and internal alterations. The scheme involved a ground floor rear extension with the removal of internal loadbearing and non-loadbearing walls to create revised internal living spaces including a large [open plan] kitchen and dining area at ground floor.


Concrete, masonry, steel, timber


Pablo Lambrechts from L+ Architects


Structures Made Easy Ltd. was appointed to design both sub and super structures of the proposed extension. Traditional eccentric strip foundations were used to support the proposed extension and avoid infringing on neighbour’s land. General steel structure and timber elements were introduced throughout the house to alter the structural arrangement and achieve a modern look. Steel frames were utilised in order to remove all the internal loadbearing walls throughout the rear section of the ground floor. Large glazed panels were introduced across the rear of the property on three consecutive faces to create a fully glazed rear elevation. Slim box section posts were added to reduce loads on the beams for efficiency. The large open plan area was completely modernised and finished to high standard. The upper floor was also renovated with new interiors installed. The loft was converted to add additional rooms and transform the home.


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