Fulham South West London SW6


Fulham 01 South West London SW6

Project Overview:

The project focused on a roof extension to create a rear ‘pod’ over the outrigger of the property and the addition of a roof terrace with a garden-like ambiance. It aimed to enhance the property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal through strategic structural alterations. Collaborative discussions between the architect, client, and engineers guided the development of a comprehensive plan, ensuring alignment with project goals.


The roof alteration involved constructing a new timber structure over the existing outrigger, supported by the property’s load-bearing walls. This choice minimised additional loading on the foundations while providing structural integrity. PFC beams were utilised for the floor beams of the roof terrace, optimising torsion resistance and maximizing usable space. A bespoke balustrade solution, featuring rectangular hollow section stubs, added both functional support and aesthetic value.

Existing structural members were rigorously assessed to verify their capacity to withstand the additional loads imposed by the roof pod. This structural due diligence ensured the safety and stability of the overall structure, mitigating potential risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


The project successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing the property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal through a strategic roof extension and the addition of a roof terrace. By employing lightweight timber construction, innovative beam solutions, and bespoke balustrade design, the project achieved a harmonious blend of structural engineering and architectural design. Through meticulous planning and rigorous structural assessment, the project team ensured the successful integration of new elements while preserving the integrity of the existing structure.


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