Perivale Ealing West London UB6


Perivale 01 Ealing West London UB6

Project Overview:

The project embarked on the transformation of a neglected old property that was deemed non-habitable. A significant aspect of the renovation involved the demolition of multiple non-load-bearing walls to create an expansive open-plan kitchen/living room space. Additionally, new excavations were undertaken to update the drainage system, necessitating careful investigation and protection of existing foundations without compromising their integrity. Structural considerations were paramount throughout the project, ensuring that proposed additions such as heavy bathtubs and roof solar panels adhered to weight limits while maintaining the structural integrity of the floor and roof. The creation of new floor levels in certain areas required thorough examination of the existing ground-bearing slab for suitability of continuous use. Furthermore, the outbuilding underwent structural repairs to its roof, with new rafters being employed, while general landscaping efforts were undertaken to create a modern garden amenity space.

Demolition and Open-Plan Transformation:

The initial phase of the project involved the demolition of multiple non-load-bearing walls within the property to create a spacious and interconnected kitchen/living room area. This transformation not only enhanced the flow and functionality of the space but also breathed new life into the property, transitioning it from a neglected state to a modern and inviting living environment.

Drainage System Update and Foundation Protection:

A crucial aspect of the renovation involved updating the property’s drainage system to a new sustainable drainage system, necessitating new excavations and careful consideration of existing foundations. Special measures were taken to investigate and protect the foundations, ensuring that they remained intact and stable throughout the construction process. This approach mitigated the risk of undermining or compromising the structural integrity of the property, laying a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Structural Integrity and Weight Limits:

Attention to detail was paramount when considering the addition of new units such as heavy bathtubs and roof solar panels. Structural calculations and assessments were conducted to ensure that these additions did not exceed the allowable weight limits of the floor and roof. By carefully managing loads and distributing weight effectively, the project team maintained structural integrity while accommodating the desired enhancements.

Creation of New Floor Levels:

In areas where new floor levels were created, thorough examination of the existing ground-bearing slab was essential to assess its suitability for continuous use. Structural engineers meticulously evaluated the slab’s capacity to support additional loads, implementing reinforcement measures as needed to ensure safety and stability.

Outbuilding Structural Repairs and Landscaping:

The renovation extended to the outbuilding, where structural repairs were undertaken to address roof issues. New rafters were installed to reinforce the roof structure, enhancing its durability and longevity. Additionally, general landscaping efforts were implemented to transform the outdoor space into a modern garden amenity area, further enhancing the property’s appeal and functionality.


In conclusion, the renovation project exemplifies a comprehensive approach to transforming a neglected property into a modern and livable space. Through careful demolition, structural enhancements, and landscaping efforts, the project successfully revitalised both the interior and exterior of the property. By prioritising structural integrity, drainage system updates, and weight management, the project team ensured that the renovated property not only meets the functional needs of its occupants but also exceeds expectations in terms of quality and aesthetics. The result is a testament to the transformative power of strategic renovation and thoughtful design.


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