Pimlico Westminster London SW1V


Pimlico 01 Westminster London SW1V

Project Overview:

The transformation of a ground floor flat into a modern living space marked a significant architectural endeavor undertaken by Structures Made Easy. Tasked with the structural engineering design, temporary works design and method statements, party wall agreements, and drainage design, the project aimed to create an iconic residence in the prestigious location of Westminster. The architect’s vision was to seamlessly blend modern architectural style with the historic charm of the property, necessitating the removal of numerous load-bearing walls, alteration of internal heights, and meticulous attention to structural integrity.


From a structural perspective, the project presented several challenges. Confined within an existing building with separately owned flats both above and below, as well as party walls on either side, careful planning was essential to avoid disturbing or overloading adjacent properties. The removal of load-bearing walls required the implementation of a temporary propping system to support three storeys above without disrupting any neighbouring flats. This system comprised a series of strong boys, acrow props, and strategically placed needles, ensuring non-disruptive load distribution and preserving the integrity of the surrounding structures.

Permanent structural works focused on creating minimal piers and beam sizes to maximise space and height within the flat. Extensive analysis of design loads and a value engineering approach were employed to ensure the safety and compliance of the structure with design codes and building regulations while maintaining the architectural vision. This meticulous attention to detail resulted in a structurally sound yet visually stunning living space that fulfilled the architect’s ambitious design objectives.

In addition to structural considerations, the project also involved rerouting the drainage route to accommodate the relocation of the bathroom within the flat. This required careful planning to ensure that the drainage system of neighbouring flats remained undisturbed. A bespoke drainage system was designed and implemented within the premises, effectively diverting the flow to meet the project’s objectives without impacting other residents.

The successful completion of the project earned it recognition, with the property being featured on the popular ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ program on national TV. This accolade not only highlights the architectural significance of the transformation but also underscores the meticulous planning and execution by Structures Made Easy and the design team.


In summary, the project exemplifies the successful integration of architectural vision with structural engineering expertise. Through careful planning, innovative design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail, the project achieved its goal of transforming a ground floor flat into a modern living space while preserving the integrity of the surrounding structures. Structures Made Easy’s commitment to excellence and collaboration with the design team ensured the successful realisation of the architect’s vision, resulting in a property that combines functionality, aesthetics, and structural integrity in a prestigious location in Westminster.


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