Queens Park Brent North West London NW6


Queens Park 01 Brent North West London NW6

Project Overview:

The project involved a comprehensive renovation, including the creation of a habitable basement floor, ground floor extension, roof extension, removal of load-bearing walls, and full internal refurbishment. Structures Made Easy played a vital role in the project, providing expertise in both permanent and temporary structural works, drainage design, and facilitating party wall agreements. The focus was on enhancing the property’s structural integrity and maximising usable space while adhering to safety standards and regulatory requirements.


The creation of the basement structure involved reinforced concrete underpinning carried out in a hit-and-miss sequence, along with the installation of a reinforced concrete floor slab and retaining walls. To ensure safe excavation and minimise risk to the building’s structural integrity, a proprietary shoring and propping system was employed, reducing reliance on site-specific skills.

For the upper floors, a needle and propped system was used at regular intervals to support the structure during renovation work. This system was meticulously laced and braced to maintain stability throughout the remodeling process.

Permanent structural works included the installation of steel frames to restore stability following extensive remodeling, cranked beams to conform to the building envelope, and straight steel beams and columns. New timber floors were introduced at multiple levels to create additional desired space, further enhancing the property’s functionality.

To seamlessly integrate the structural elements with architectural finishes and minimise protrusions, multiple steel sections were calculated and optimised to be as small as possible. Steel hollow sections were particularly useful for this purpose, allowing structural elements to be hidden behind walls and ceilings. Additionally, a cantilever beam was strategically designed to avoid the need for a corner column, maximising usable space and maintaining a clean aesthetic.


The renovation project at Keslake Road exemplifies a meticulous approach to structural design and execution, resulting in a transformed living space that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. By leveraging innovative structural solutions, including reinforced concrete underpinning, steel framing, and optimised steel sections, the project achieved structural integrity while maximising usable space and minimising visual disruptions. Structures Made Easy’s expertise in both permanent and temporary structural works played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the project, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the renovation process.


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