Teddington Richmond upon Thames TW11


Teddington 01 Richmond upon Thames TW11

Project Overview:

The project at hand involved a comprehensive scope of work, primarily focusing on a ground floor extension, loft conversion, and internal alterations. This multifaceted endeavour required a meticulous structural strategy to accommodate the desired architectural features while ensuring the integrity and stability of the entire building.

Structural Elements:

Central to the project’s success was the intricate design and implementation of various structural members. This included the installation of new foundations to support the additional load from the extension and loft conversion. Steel beams and columns were strategically positioned to bear significant loads and provide essential support for both the new and existing structures. Timber floors and roof elements were carefully integrated into the design to enhance structural strength and durability while complementing the overall aesthetic vision.

Design Challenges:

One notable design challenge arose from the request for a column-free corner, as specified by both the project architect and client. This unique architectural feature necessitated the introduction of a cantilevered structure to span over the designated area without the need for additional support columns. To achieve this, precise calculations were conducted to determine the optimal structural sections that would seamlessly integrate into the proposed framework while maximising available space and maintaining structural integrity.

Adaptations and Modifications:

Significant modifications to the existing structural walls were undertaken to accommodate the project’s requirements. These alterations necessitated a comprehensive reassessment of the building’s structural stability, prompting the development of a new structural strategy. Tie beams were strategically employed to reinforce and restore the integrity of the building, ensuring that it could safely support the planned alterations and extensions.

Addressing Spans and Load Distribution:

The unique roof structure presented another set of challenges, particularly concerning the management of large spans. To address this, the structural strategy focused on leveraging the existing load-bearing elements within the property. By strategically redistributing loads and utilizing economic steelwork solutions, the project team successfully mitigated the challenges associated with spanning large distances, achieving both structural efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


In summary, the project exemplifies a holistic approach to structural design and engineering, where careful consideration of architectural aspirations, functional requirements, and structural integrity converged to deliver a successful outcome. Through innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail, the project team navigated complex challenges, ultimately transforming the existing property into a harmonious blend of form and function.


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