Walthamstow Waltham Forest East London E17


Walthamstow 01 Waltham Forest East London E17

Project Overview:

The project involved extensive renovations, including ground floor rear and side extensions, as well as an L-shaped loft conversion with internal alterations. Central to the proposal was the removal of major load-bearing walls to create a spacious, open-plan layout. The property, a terraced Victorian house, featured load-bearing masonry walls and suspended timber floors, along with distinctive architectural elements such as a front bay window, chimney breasts, and internal spine walls.


To accommodate the removal of load-bearing walls and create the desired open-plan layout, the project utilised a series of strategic structural interventions. Steel beams were employed extensively over the ground floor to support the expanded space, providing structural reinforcement while preserving the property’s overall integrity. Additionally, two steel “box frames” were installed on newly formed strip foundations to serve as primary supports for the structure above, ensuring stability and longevity.

The loft conversion presented its own set of structural challenges, which were addressed through careful engineering and design. Steel beams spanning between party walls, supported by spreaders, formed the framework for the new loft space, supporting the installation of a timber floor. To minimise additional weight on the existing structure, the dormer roof was constructed using a timber structure, picking up at the ridge location with a new steel beam at roof level. This approach not only ensured structural integrity but also enhanced sustainability by reducing the load on the original building.


The project exemplifies a holistic approach to structural renovation, blending innovative design with careful engineering to achieve transformative results. By strategically integrating steel beams and box frames, the project successfully created a spacious, open-plan living environment while maintaining structural integrity. The loft conversion, with its thoughtful use of steel beams and timber structures, further enhanced the property’s functionality and sustainability. Overall, the project serves as a testament to the successful marriage of architectural vision and structural expertise, resulting in a rejuvenated living space that meets the needs of modern living.


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