Carr Road Walthamstow East London E17


Walthamstow 02 Waltham Forest East London E17

Project Overview:

The project at Carr Road E17 involved a loft conversion with a rear dormer, aimed at adding additional space to the existing property while seamlessly blending modern architectural elements with the original building style. This endeavor required a strategic structural approach to maximise headroom within the existing constraints of the building envelope, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the living space below during the conversion process.


The structural approach commenced with a thorough site inspection and design meeting involving the architect and the client. Understanding the full scope of structural objectives and the desired aesthetic was paramount in formulating an effective plan. The primary challenge lay in achieving maximum headroom within the confined space of the existing and proposed building envelope, without compromising the finishes or habitability of the space below.

To address this challenge, the structural design focused on minimising the sizes of structural members to preserve valuable height for the final living space. Careful assessment of loads and spans within the building informed the selection of a shallow system of timber joists and steel beams to support the new floor structure. Additionally, timber was chosen for the construction of the roof and dormer to minimise weight and facilitate ease of construction, thereby ensuring structural integrity while adhering to the project’s constraints.

The collaborative effort between the structural engineers, architect, and client resulted in the finalisation of the design development. Construction drawings were issued, providing detailed guidance for the implementation of the structural plan. Throughout the construction phase, the Structures Made Easy team provided support to the builder as needed, ensuring that the project progressed smoothly and in accordance with the approved design.

The successful attainment of building control approval underscored the thoroughness and professionalism of the structural design process. By prioritising functionality, aesthetic appeal, and structural integrity, the loft conversion at 94 Carr Road achieved its objectives of enhancing living space while maintaining the architectural integrity of the original building.


In summary, the loft conversion project at Carr Road E17 exemplifies the successful integration of structural engineering expertise with architectural vision. Through careful planning, strategic design, and collaborative effort, the project achieved its goals of maximising space and creating a modern architectural look while preserving the character of the original building. Structures Made Easy’s commitment to excellence ensured the successful realisation of the project, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space that meets the needs and desires of its occupants.


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