Wimbledon South West London SW19


Wimbledon 01 South West London SW19

Project Overview:

The ambitious project entailed the construction of a new build single dwelling house, comprising basement, ground, and first floor levels. Collaborative discussions between the architect, client, and structural engineers led to the development of a comprehensive structural strategy. To ensure the structural integrity of the design, an extensive soil investigation was conducted to assess the underlying soil conditions and inform the selection of appropriate structural systems.

Basement Construction:

The basement envelope was meticulously crafted using a Continuous piled wall and Ring beam system, providing a sturdy foundation for the structure above. A reinforced concrete slab was employed for the basement floor, offering durability and stability. To support the floor over the basement, a beam & block system was utilised, spanning between load-bearing walls and steel beams. This approach not only facilitated efficient construction but also minimised structural deck depths, allowing for maximum internal height within the basement area.

Upper Floors and Flat Roof Construction:

The upper floors and flat roof of the dwelling were constructed using a combination of load-bearing masonry, suspended timber floors, and strategically placed steel beams. Load-bearing masonry walls provided essential support and stability, while suspended timber floors offered flexibility and thermal insulation benefits. Steel beams were strategically positioned to break long spans, minimising structural deck depths and maximising internal height. This thoughtful integration of materials and structural components contributed to the creation of a robust and efficient building envelope.

Structural Optimisation:

Throughout the project, a key focus was placed on structural optimisation, aiming to achieve a balance between performance, efficiency, and aesthetics. The careful selection and integration of construction materials and systems were paramount in ensuring durability, efficiency, and optimal use of space. By leveraging load-bearing masonry, timber floors, and steel beams, the project team successfully distributed loads effectively while maintaining a visually appealing architectural aesthetic.

Collaborative Design Process:

The success of the project was underpinned by a collaborative design process, where close coordination between the architect, structural engineer, and client facilitated alignment with project goals and vision. Early integration of structural considerations in the design phase allowed for proactive identification and resolution of potential challenges, leading to a smoother construction process and a final product that met both functional and aesthetic objectives.


In conclusion, the construction of the new build single dwelling house exemplifies the successful integration of structural engineering principles, architectural vision, and client aspirations. Through careful planning, meticulous design, and collaboration, a structurally sound and visually stunning residential property was realised. The thoughtful selection and integration of construction materials and systems ensured durability, efficiency, and optimal use of space, resulting in a home that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.


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