Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is integral in the modern worlds’ built environment. The design and construction of buildings to the most relevant codes of practice by a suitably qualified engineer ensures compliance, functionality and ultimately safety for the end user.


We’re Passionate About Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a highly rewarding vocation which has been an essential aspect of society’s development throughout history. One of the main roles of a structural engineer is to translate architectural vision into a reality. From the structural frame analysis of multi-storey skyscrapers to the detailed design of the connections in a garden shed, structural engineering provides the solution.

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Our engineers have a comprehensive range of experience and each member of our team, coming from different backgrounds, brings forwards different areas of expertise. Together, our knowledge spans the full spectrum of industry sectors.

Through innovative design, we are dedicated to delivering value for money consistently, regardless the scale of the project. We are passionate about the effective design of our given brief in order to maximise use of the space.

We’re passionate about structural engineering

We’re passionate about structural engineering


The addition of a new extension to your home can not only create additional space for you and your family but can also add value to your property. Designing your own extension can allow you to customise your space to suit your individual needs.

Constructing a new extension can either be done under permitted development or with planning permission, depending on the size of the project undertaken. An extension can include the addition of a front porch or more ambitiously can comprise of a two-storey extension to completely transform your home.

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Loft Conversions

Converting your disused attic space into an extra bedroom or two can increase the overall value of your property, maximising your use of space within the footprint of the existing building.

A rear dormer will give you full head height to the majority of the floor area of your new loft. Alternatively, if your property falls within the strict guidelines of a conservation area then you can likely still convert the existing usable space without constructing out with the existing envelope of the roof.

Basement Conversions

Often the most technically challenging of home extension projects, adding a basement level to your home can be a rewarding investment. With the restrictions of space and high land value within London, basement conversions are becoming increasingly popular.

Your property may have an existing disused cellar space which you wish to transform, or, more ambitiously you may have plans to extend down further below the existing building. Either way, a basement project can open the possibilities for a new multi-purpose area to meet your family’s needs.

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Surveys">Structural Surveys">Structural Surveys

We can provide structural surveys pertaining to a range individual clients’ needs. Structural surveys can provide assurances and, if required, a scope for remediation of any existing structural defects.

Typical items covered in a structural survey can include but are not limited to; cracks in masonry walls, settlement or subsidence of foundations, condition assessments and pre-planning feasibility studies.

Buying or selling a house can sometimes require a full survey report from a qualified engineer to be included with the home report, of which we have a vast experience in providing.

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New build structures

We also offer complete design packages and engineering services for new build structures across a spectrum of sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, retail and healthcare. Our in-house design team will be on hand to provide assistance from initial pre-planning inception through to project completion. We have a wide range of experience delivering projects that encompass all construction materials and methods such as;

  • steel portal frames,
  • reinforced concrete,
  • traditional build masonry and
  • timber framed buildings.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Software and technology now lie at the heart of how buildings and infrastructures are designed and built. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is rapidly transforming all aspects of the design process, and we are committed to being part of that transformation.

BIM is a 3D modelling application in which virtual models are built to visualise buildings and systems and simulate real life scenarios. This allows our engineers to test construction materials and their structural integrity against both design and external forces. The early detection of potential issues during implementation as well as throughout the life cycle of the design gives a clearer view of the project for all stakeholders. Clash detection removes the possibility of lengthy and costly on-site delays resulting in more accurate project planning and ultimately, smarter design solutions.

We are passionate about BIM and the possibilities that it offers the industry, and we see BIM as fundamental in the management of our projects. We have been using Autodesk Revit for many years, building up a wealth of in-house experience and technical knowledge. Our entire team is competent and confident working in a BIM environment, alongside architects, contractors and fellow consultants.

As committed advocates of BIM, we’ve seen genuine benefits and real opportunities from this approach, across the design process and beyond. We’re confident that BIM will continue to grow, becoming the standard for intelligent design throughout the industry.


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You can view from drop down menu below some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you cannot find answers you need.

Cracks in walls, ceilings and floors are caused by several different reasons. Depending on the size, exact location and frequency of the cracks, the risks associated can vary substantially. Subsidence or movement of foundations can often cause cracking and structural damage to the building above. There are often a variety of causes for these movements and the investigation and remediation can vary based on the cause and associated risk.
Yes, we have a list of reputable building contractors and could potentially make a recommendation for your specific project.
Yes, each design is tailored to meet your project’s requirements, following a site inspection. We take into account relevant design codes, building regulations and CDM regulations.
We would recommend you seek the advice of your local council and an Architect or Planner.
No, we do not provide architectural design services, but we are happy to recommend an architectural firm suitable for your project if required.