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A structural report on movement is a document that is prepared by a structural engineer to assess the cause and extent of movement in a building or structure. The report will typically include a detailed inspection of the building or structure, an analysis of the cause of the movement, and recommendations for repair or remediation.

The structural report will typically include the following information:

  • A description of the building or structure, including its age, construction type, and history of any previous repairs or modifications.
  • A description of the movement observed, including the location, magnitude, and direction of the movement.
  • An analysis of the cause of the movement, including an assessment of the condition of the foundations, walls, floors, and other structural elements.
  • A discussion of the potential risks and hazards associated with the movement, including the potential for further movement, structural failure, and damage to the building or its occupants.
  • Recommendations for repair or remediation, including details of any necessary structural repairs, underpinning, or other work that will be required to stabilise the building and prevent further movement.
  • Advise if any further specialist investigations are required into, perhaps, drainage, trees, or ground conditions.
  • Conclusion and summary of the findings and recommendations

It should be noted that, in order to obtain an accurate report and assessment, the engineer should have access to the building and we will bring the necessary tools and equipment such as tape measures, spirit levels, laser measure, etc.

The report will be useful to the property owner, the architect, the builders and the local authorities to understand the condition of the property and to make any necessary repairs or replacement to ensure the safety and stability of the structure.

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